The Collections

The Collections

Alisa’s art infuses elements of excitement and fresh style to pieces that have historically-significant attributes and inspirations.  You can read more about her artistic style here.  Currently, she has three primary collections that highlight her style and are aptly titled to play on her inspirations:

  • Material Collaborations – pieces created through a process which involves the fusing together of different materials to create a unique and intricate piece;
  • Southern Elegance – pieces which hinge on and are sparked by a love of tradition, faith, and family; and
  • Urban City Style – pieces that are inspired by the bustle of the city and revitalization of it’s oldest buildings for fresh uses.

Alisa also has a collection of small works which are typically no bigger than 9″x 9″ and make the perfect addition to any space.  These pieces range in style between all three collections and can be seen here.

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